Short Circuits
          Intermittent/complete loss of power​
          Flickering lights

          New circuits to eliminate overloads
         Replacement of switches, dimmers,
              receptacles, and light fixtures
         Electric vehicle chargers
         Attic fan power

           Main electrical panel replacement
           Subpanel installations
           Whole House Surge Protectors

         Structured Media Centers
         Telephone and Cable TV Wiring
         Computer Data cabling

           undercabinet, low voltage,
           pendant, and fluorescent lighting
           Ceiling and attic exhaust fans
           Exterior motion, flood, & post lights
           Security and Landscape lighting

          Trenching and underground wiring

         Exit and Emergency Lighting
         Smoke/Carbon Monoxide detectors

          Automatic transfer switches
          Manual transfer switches

          Baseboard heating
          Floor heating
          Garage Unit heaters

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